Södra Cell Mönsterås - Pulp

LUP #30357

  • Address: Nygård 402, 383 91 Mönsterås
  • Contact: +46 (0) 499 150 00

Coordinates: 57.0913366, 16.5443372


Welcome to Södra Cell Mönsterås!

Our opening hours is 06:00-18:00 Monday-Thursday. On Fridays, 06:00-16:00.

The reception is open until 20:00 Monday-Thursday, and 18:00 on Fridays. If you arrive the evening before your unloading time you can register at the reception.

On Fridays you must leave the area before 17:30. Otherwise, you will risk being locked up over the weekend!

During the summer period 8/6 - 14/8 we have other opening hours at Pulp loading, and allow entry between 06:00 - 16:00.

You must leave the area before 17:30.


Drive via E22 to reach Södra Cell Mönsterås. Follow the signs "Södra Cell Mönsterås" when driving on E22 and the signs "Pulp Loading" when you’re approaching the factory as well as inside our factory area.


The cargo space shall be clean and tidy before entering.


Place the truck in the queue, and then go to the reception to check in. You can register during the reception’s opening hours.

While registering you need to know your cargo order number, destination and the registration number of your truck and trailer.

Area map

1: Reception 2: Loading area 3: Load securing area / Freight documentation

While inside the area, follow the green signs "PULP LOADING".


Smoking is prohibited in our entire area! Engine idle running is prohibited!

Safety vest must always be worn.

We reserve the right to charge a fee of 50 Euro for any violation to our rules.

PLEASE NOTE! Passengers are not allowed to follow you inside the area. Children must never be left unattended. The only exception is drivers who are in training and this must be reported to the reception staff.

Loading instructions

Stop and await green light at the gate!

The forklift drivers let you in as soon as it is your turn and you are not allowed to leave the cab until you have stopped the truck at your designated loading slot.

Be aware of fast-driving forklifts in and out of the warehouse.

Stand visible during loading.

It is prohibited to move around the forklift or to stand on the trailer during loading!

Before you are allowed to leave your designated loading area, the go-ahead from the forklift driver must be given.

PLEASE NOTE! Load securing is not allowed inside the loading area!

Load securing

When loading is completed, follow the signs "Document, Strapping of cargo".

Strapping of cargo and load securing is carried out within the designated area as above.

You are responsible for securing the goods during transport with straps in accordance with Swedish legislation.

Documents are collected in the gray booth.


After securing loads follow Exit signs!

Follow Exit signs!

Thank you for respecting our safety rules! Drive safely and welcome back to Södra Cell!

Did you know… Södra Cell Mönsterås is the largest pulp mill within Södra. The mill opened in 1958. After expansion and development the mill is today one of the most modern in the world. Yearly it produces 750 000 tons of paper pulp.