Ovako Smedjebacken

LUP #46944

  • Address: Smedjegatan, 707 80 Smedjebacken
  • Opening hours: 06:00-19:00
  • Contact:

Coordinates: 60.1375945, 15.4092264


Welcome to Ovako Smedjebacken! Our opening hours are 06:00-19:00 Monday-Thursday, 06:00-14:00 Friday.


Upon arrival, park at the gate with the stop signs and announce yourself at the reception window by the house.

Park the truck in a suitable location and enter the small house. Register on the computer and go through the safety presentation.


Smoking is prohibited, only allowed in designated places. No overnight stay on site. Engine idle running is prohibited! The speed limit is 30 km/h.

Protective helmets, protective shoes, gloves and goggles are mandatory protective equipment. Visibility clothing shall always be worn! You are not allowed to load if any of these are missing.


Cross the train track and enter the door where it says "Dispatch office".

Once inside, walk through this door to get to the loading office. There you give the staff the printout and go through the loading procedure for you to be assigned a port.

Drive to the assigned port and wait for an available time. If it's full you'll have to wait outside. Make sure you keep a distance of at least 2.5 meters to the train tracks. For Port 5 and 6, you must reverse the truck in.


Park the truck in the hall and open the trailer. You must open the roof and the back side, as well as the long side towards the traverse driver.

Place the wooden sticks evenly on the floor of the trailer to be able to put the load on top of them. 

Priority order for loading

Priority 1

Express shipments: Loads that Ovako have ordered as “Urgent” shipments that needs to be loaded as soon as possible in order to be delivered in time.

Priority 2

Shipments that has an ETD (Estimated time of arrival for pickup) reported in to Ovako ́s TMS (Transport Management System) at least one day ahead of loading. The closer a truck arrives compared to the pre-advised ETD (dd:hh:mm) the higher priority.

Priority 3

Shipments that has an ETD reported in to Ovako ́s TMS that is sent or changed the same day as set in the ETD.

Priority 4

Shipments that hasn ́t been reported in to Ovako ́s TMS or arrives on another day than the pre-advised will be loaded when possible.

The ETD is not a guaranteed time slot for loading. Ovako will try to communicate if there is a risk for queues.

Truck that arrives earlier than communicated (+-2 hours from communicated) cannot be gua


You must be active during the loading and show how the load should be placed. Use both body language and speech to communicate with the traverse driver.

It is important that you follow the 1: 1 rule. Keep the same distance to the load as the load is above the floor.

Make sure the load is properly positioned so that the chains are free and easy to remove

Once the load is placed, you must disconnect it from the chains.

Throw the chains into the gray boxes unless you are told otherwise. 


Leave the loading hall when the loading is done and park at a suitable location outside to secure the load.

Return to the loading office to receive your shipping documents.


You exit through the same gate where you entered. Park the truck on the scale while you give your shipping documents to the staff by the reception window.

Thank you for respecting our safety rules! Drive carefully and welcome back to Ovako Smedjebacken!