Nordanö Warehouse

LUP #25926

  • Address : Masmyrsvägen 50, 775 50 Krylbo
  • Opening hours: 06:00-22:00
  • Contact : +46 (0) 10-463 50 00

Coordinates : 60.1542362, 16.2425136


Welcome to Stora Enso Nordanö Warehouse!

Our operating hours for loading is 06:00-22:00 Monday to Thursday. Reception is manned 06:30-15:00. Please Note: Last admission for loading is at 21:00. Fridays 06:00-18:00 (17:00).

LUP #68489 Stora Enso Fors




Follow the signs to "NORDANÖ". Turn from Road 68 over the railway crossing and take the first right.

Please Note: GPS often shows the wrong way to Nordanö Warehouse.



When loading at our production plant, we require that your cargo space is completely clean and free from distinct odours. Please clean your cargo space before you arrive at Stora Enso Fors. If your cargo space does not meet our requirements, we will reject the truck and you will not be allowed to load our products.



Stop at the gate. Please Note: It is forbidden to run a red light. Walk to loading office.


Park the truck and go to the loading office. Always start by checking in on our computer. If loading office is staffed, speak with the staff at the door. If loading office is not staffed, ring the bell for further instructions.


Remember to have your cargo reference number ready.



We require that you have the correct safety equipment with you when you load at our production plant. High visibility vest and safety shoes should be worn at all times. The speed limit 20 km/h. Engine idling is prohibited. Smoking is forbidden. No sleeping overnight in your truck is allowed in the area.

Your safety is important to us. Do you have any questions? Speak with our staff in the loading office.



Reverse the truck to the dock where you are instructed to load: Port 2, 3, 4, or 5. Do not open the rear doors of the truck before reversing into the correct dock.


Reverse to the dock and apply the block as illustrated. Then, go into the warehouse at the nearest entrance.


Stand in the highlighted box throughout the whole loading procedure. The forklift driver will not drive into your trailer/cargo space if you are not in the highlighted box.


If you must go into your trailer/cargo space during loading, wait until the forklift has reversed out and give a clear signal to the forklift driver that you have to enter the trailer/cargo space.

Please Note: The forklift driver will not drive into the trailer/cargo space until you have returned to the highlighted box.



Upon completion of loading, go to the front desk to retrieve your freight documents


Then, remove the block, drive outside the gates, and park in the parking lot.


In the parking lot, you can calmly secure the goods. Use approved edge protection when securing the load.